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Best Mallorca pastries to have breakfast

While on your visit to Mallorca, listen carefully, you might hear a local saying “berenar.” This verb translates to “having breakfast,” which is a part of the culture on the island and is a daily tradition. You might be wondering what makes berenar so special in Mallorca? After-all, many people have breakfast every single day without necessarily calling it a tradition. Let’s spend some time learning about the typical breakfast and the best Mallorcan pastries, to understand why it is such a special custom!

Ca’n Joan De S’aigo

In Old Town Palma, you will definitely want to make a visit to Ca’n Joan De S’aigo, not only for its traditional and historical decoration but for it’s bakery! Their baked goods are made fresh every day from scratch. During the 18th century, the restaurant originally only sold ice cream because the shop was responsible for transporting ice from Sierra de Tramontana back to the main city. Because the business was constantly transporting ice, for financial reasons the workers decided to start making ice cream, in order to make a profit off of their labor. Later in the century, they started to offer hot chocolate and baked goods, which are now a tradition locals and visitors still enjoy to this day!

Fornet de la Soca

Another fantastic spot to visit in the heart of Palma is Fornet de la SocaHere, you will find more traditional Mallorcan pastries that can be enjoyed for breakfast (or any time of the day if we are being honest). This bakery takes pride in themselves with the fact that they have from the beginning used only natural and raw ingredients in their handmade pastries. Here, they have a strong passion for baking with local products because it honors the culture and earth that has contributed to their success in developing pleasing flavors, both locals and travelers love.

Can Tofolet

In the village of Llucmajor you can find some of the tastiest ensaimadas in all of Mallorca. Can Tofolet is a quaint bakery, modest in size but bursting with sweetness! This bakery does not have advertisement on the door, so you will have to ask the locals on Calle Paraires 8 (Llucmajor Suites) where to find it.

Ensaimadas are typically plain, but here they offer alternatives with creative flavor combinations. Some delicious options are chocolate, cream, or apricot filled and also Cabello de AngelCabello de Angle means angel hair and is a pastry filled with a jam made from pumpkin and sugar. Usually it is also seasoned with cinnamon and/or citrus.

If you see one of these on a menu – order it!

Here is a list of mallorcan pastries, full of wonderful flavor and historical importance to the island!

  • Ensaimada: A perfect choice for breakfast if you are looking for something simple! It does not contain extra fillings, making it a great option for dipping in to your morning Cafe con Leche (coffee with milk). Traditional ingredients, which are still used today, include lard from pork, eggs, flour, sugar, warm water and fresh yeast. The use of pork lard is traditional to Mallorca because it is made from reduced pork from the island.
  • Cremadillo: One of the most typical pastries of Mallorca. The name comes from slightlyburning the pastry, giving the pastry a crunchiness that can be noticed in the flaky texture. The main ingredients are puff pastry and custard, which combine to give you the ultimate flavor bomb!
  • Cocarrio: Similar to a meat empanada, it is Mallorca’s version of this traditional savory breakfast snack. Although variants exist, the ingredients commonly used are Swiss chard, onion and raisins.
  • Empanadas: These are most typical during Christmas and Easter. Although they are only around for certain periods during the year, they are an indispensable piece of Mallorquín gastronomy that make Mallorca the perfect destination during these holidays.
  • Llonget: This is a thick, spongey bun, great for making sandwiches. Usually filled with pork and cheese, but can be ordered with other variations. Commonly cycling groups order this with a glass of wine as a hearty breakfast to keep them going through the day until time for Siesta!

There are many options to taste  delicious Mallorcan pastries in the Island. Pick whatever looks the best or what feels right because I guarantee that you will not be disappointed! Join me on one of my many tours through out Mallorca as well, as we explore the delicious cuisine of the island.