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Top 8 tapas in Mallorca

Spain is a country known for it’s delicious tapas! In each region of Spain, you will find tapas that are traditional to that area! In Mallorca, tapas are a part of the daily culture for locals, just as basking in the sun on the beaches are too! Tapas in Mallorca are made with ingredients directly from the island, which highlights the vegetables and meats that are traditional to Mallorca.

Frit Mallorquí

The Frit Mallorquí is a traditional dish from Mallorca, made of roasted meats such as lamb, kid or turkey, and then boiled in the blood of pork. The dish is made by frying onions, potatoes, tomatoes and red pepper in olive oil. Then it is seasoned with salt, pepper, chili, garlic, fennel and laurel. In past times, communities and/or families would slaughter a pig and then use the parts that could not be preserved in Frit Mallorquí. The dish has Sephardic origin, and appears to be in ancient recipes, like Libre de Sent Soví (century XIV).


The Bullit is a Mallorquín dish that is usually prepared during the winter season. The dish consists of vegetables and meats, that are always cooked together, but eaten separately. You start the meal with a soup, made from the broth of the bullit. The next course consists of the cooked vegetables and meats, which are drizzled with olive oil, vinegar, and sprinkled with salt. Whatever is leftover is chopped up and fried on a large pan with olive oil, salt, and laurel. These leftovers are called “old clothes,” which are important when making Croquettas de Bullit.


This is a popular sausage found in Mallorca. Butifarró is made of  raw pork, blood, various spices, and salt. The sausage can be mild or a bit spicy. Commonly found are croquettes filled with béchamel, Butifarró and other seasonal abundant ingredients. One of the most beloved Tapas in Mallorca by its locals!

Coca de Trampó

One of the most famous and typical tapa of Mallorquín cuisine is Coco de Trampó. It utilizes in-season vegetables and is quick to prepare. Although it may appear to look like a pizza, the flavor is much different and does not include a heavy tomato sauce and gooey cheese as one might expect on a pizza. The main ingredients include onions, green and red peppers, tomatoes and garlic. Despite it’s simplicity and quick preparation, after one bite you will understand why it is so popular!

Cojonudo de Sobrasada

If you do not already know, sobrasada is one of the most important Tapas in Mallorca. It comes from a special variety of black pork. It is a delicacy on the island and is made with spices like paprika, salt and raw black pork. Sobrasada is used in a popular tapa called Cojonudo de Sobrasada, which is a piece of bread topped with slices of sobrasada, fried egg, and queso (cheese).

Huevos Rotos con Sobrasada

One of my most favorite tapas ever! Let me introduce you to Huevos Rotos con Sobrasada. It is a simple but flavor full tapas. It starts with a base of french fries and is then topped with a fried egg and a sprinkle of sobrasada. The key to this dish is to break the fried egg on top so that the sobrasada and egg melt into the french fries. It is amust try!

Olives Trencades amb Fonoll

The Mallorquín Olive or Trencada is a part of every breakfast in Mallorca, especially with sandwiches! The Olives Trencades am Fonoll are made with a common olive variety found on Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca. The olives are large and have an incredible taste which makes them so special. Sometimes they can be ordered “broken,” which is done by mechanical procedures. The olives are cured with water, salt, fennel, bay leaf, hot pepper and lemon peel. The olives brine for four months and then are ready to be eaten “broken” style!


If you need a reason to enjoy a delicious bottle of wine than this tapas is perfect. In Mallorca, it is very common to get together with your friends at someone’s home or a bar to enjoy Pa amb Oil, which means bread with oil. Other bite-sized, small portioned foods are served with the bread and oil too (AKA tapas). In this case, I have chosen Camaiot, which comes from the pork cheeks. It is a cured sausage that pairs well with Queso Mahones (cheese). Both have very unique flavors, but complement a great glass of wine and a few slices of bread. One of the must-try tapas in  Mallorca